First blog post


postWelcome to my first blog post

My name is Kgothatso and I’m a young energetic, loving, spiritual, happy, loyal, sweet person all the way from South Africa, in the Johannesburg area.

I would like change the ideals of what people around the world think of South Africa because we are painted in a negative light but each country has its own problems like poverty,crime and etc.

My blog is going to be more of a personal blog about my experiences, failures, good times, how to seek inner peace, inner engineering, transformation, art, environment, maybe animals and whatever comes to mind.

I am looking foward to constructive criticism about my blog since I’m a beginner.

Dhany rahana ( Stay blessed)

Uncertainty about the future

2017-08-22 12.33.31

We all afraid of the unknown as to what the future will be for us.
We afraid!

We want to controll the situation like we controll our partners, children and environment yet we cant seem to control the future because its not tangible.

We worried so we go on possessing everything around us so that just maybe one-day we won’t have nothing but atleast you saved something for yourself. Is that realistic?

We afraid to loss ourselves in this world because there is alot of negativity from the news we hear everyday that populate our minds with filth. Yet again who do we blame for the inequality, injustice, segregation and etc? We are to blame as a whole society for the way we are living on earth.

Deep down we scared of the future because we know the earth will be doomed we have destroyed it because of greed and we are afraid to die because with dying it’s also another uncertainty as how it feels and what will happen when we dead.

What if we all tried to be positive and bring positivity to everyone we come across maybe the world will be a better place but we all so unhappy that we want to hurt other people.

Stay blessed.




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Are you happy with where you are in life or you just letting life pass you by?

I don’t know what I am, I’ve been seeking something more than I am. I want to be successful but I don’t know with what and how to get there. I’m stuck. Like many of us 20 something’s who are still searching for that on career which will make us happy.

I look around and see my friends progressing in life. They have graduated, employed in good companies, in a relationship and achieving in life. I just can’t stop and wonder why do I seem to be the only one stagnant. Am I just dreaming too much and not pursuing my dreams.

Yet again it’s hard to pursue something you don’t even know you are destined for on this earth. I guess life hasn’t been great for me but I’m really trying my best.

I’m tired of people telling me, I should be this and that, constantly comparing me to other people. Yes my life is not where I want it to be and Yes I’m doing my best that’s enough at this point. Some people’s journeys are long and hard, for some people its so easy. We all don’t get there at the same time. Just maybe I will be happy with where am at currently and stop fusing about what life I should be living.

Desiring a life that’s not yours is a waste of time and energy you too focused on the life you should be living instead of living in the now like tommorrow will never come.

If you feel stagnant in your life you not alone. Do anything, take risks and try whatever if you fail it’s okay. You just closer to your destiny. Most importantly live in the moment and appreciate where you at because it’s so beautiful.

Stay Blessed


Misery is contagious

2017-08-10 14.50.24Captured by Me

We all walk around with pain from certain life experiences that lead us to the people we are today.

You don’t trust, love, respect certain people or people in general because life has showed you otherwise.

We carry the Burden of our past which are like heavy rocks which are hard to bear. We don’t seem to move forward and forgive people who have caused us misery.

One thing is for sure misery is contagious, why ? Have you noticed when you around negative people you become negative, when you around people who complain you start complaining, when you around miserable people you become miserable. Subconsciously you take all their traits and you unaware of it.

Have you noticed that people who are unhappy want to inflict their unhappiness onto you because to them you seem happy and they don’t like it. Life seems to be a breeze for you but most of the time deep down we truly are unhappy because we living for something superficial to make us happy, we waiting for the next big thing but what if the thing you waiting for doesn’t come? Are you going to be unhappy and make other people’s lifes miserable?

Don’t take things personally if someone hurts you or disrespect you. That person is just dealing with alot of inner demons so they lash out to everyone who seems happy. Instead just be there for those people because they are crying out for help.

If someone spews negative things to you that aren’t true or hurtful. Do not spew negative things back at them,that just means you’re both as bad.

Learning to appreciate that now is now and accepting where you are in life you will be able to truely see the beauty in your life. Stop wasting your time thinking about the past or the future cause you only have one life to live. Stop worrying! Everything will fall into place.

Like Oprah said “when you don’t know what to do, do nothing”. I believe that because just maybe one-day you will get the answers you looking for and life will fall into place.


The road to nowhere land


Life is not staight and narrow. It has a few bumps, smooth, steep, curvy and crooked paths. If you pay close attention, this roads always teach you something about yourself and you gain alot of wisdom and strenght from it but you don’t have to figure out life, things will always fall into place when it’s meant to be.

I have discovered so much about my self over the years and I like to think I am wise.
Life has showed me happy moments as well as bad moments, but I still believe I need them both to make me grow into a mature, understanding, forgiving, peaceful and loving woman.

When I say you need both happiness and bad moments I mean you gain depth and have a whole new insight as to how life is. If you only happy you wont grow or vice versa. Lets take a flower for instants for a flower to grow it has to have roots. You first need to plant a seed than the roots develop and when nature takes its course it grows into a beautiful flower. The roots signifys sadness and the leafes and flower is happiness.

Sometimes you feel like you just hit a brick wall and nothing seems to go your way, you try almost everthing from reading spiritual blogs, inspirational blogs and motivational blogs only to find out that they all seem to leave you even more unhappy because they dont give you the tips you want or feel will work for you because you blinded by darkness.

As time passes by, you become impulsive and seek exterior happiness through material things only to fit in a world where almost everybody conforms to the ways of society. You look for the big picture by practising positivity but it also doesn’t work since it’s not as easy as people say it is.

Nobody is willing to just Be, because we afraid of becoming the person we really meant to be. Society has planted a different picture than your own so you worry what the next person will think of you without looking in the mirror and saying I am the person I should please first, I need to be selfish for once and Love me with all my flaws and imperfections.

Until then I feel like we will always wander in the dark because we too afraid to go to the light where our intuition, soul and heart lay. Follow them and see how your life unfolds.

If you not happy inwards you’ll never be happy outwards.
Stay true to you. Be!

đź’— kSparkle

Why Pink

Why pinkFew of my pink items

Growing up I always gravitated towards the colour pink for no apparent reason and till this day I am more likely to buy anything that has a colour pink on it.
A thought came to my mind that maybe I’m holding on to my past childhood as to how great it was and I never had any set of challenges to think independently and make important life decisions because I always had my parents to think for me. Now as a young adult. You are always faced with a lot of challenging questions, decisions and a variety of choices that need to be made within a blink of an eye and no parents to consult because you have to think on your feet, as to what you want out of life. Sadly I just don’t know where this life journey I’m embarking on is going to take me.

I try to live in the moment so that maybe one-day something will pop up and all my fears will be eliminated. I don’t have a concrete plan. Like they say you only in your early 20s don’t worry you have a full life ahead of you but sometimes I wish I knew. Maybe that’s the beauty of it all, living in the unknown makes you always excited or maybe worried about the future because anything can happen. Living in the moment and doing what I love works for me at this present time.

Pink makes me feel alive, childlike and in peace it’s also not just a colour to me but It signifies alot and describes me as a person.

Pink represents universal love of oneself  and of others.
Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace,approachability, sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness.”
Jeniffer Bourn

“Here goes your obsession, Pink really! Are you that childish?”, said my friend.

I don’t care, pink will always be my favourite colour regardless.
How strange I gravitate towards a colour that not only decribes me but compliments me fully as a person.

So what is your colour? Does it represent you?